• Dosing for Adults:

    For optimal anti-cavity protection, research suggests that an adult needs to consume somewhere between 7 to 10 grams of xylitol each day.

    That's not really very much. For example...

    1) You could just sprinkle granular xylitol (about 2 teaspoonfuls per day) on or into the foods and beverages that you normally eat and drink.

    2) If you like the idea of using prepared xylitol products as your source, as few as 7 to 10 mints, or pieces of candy or gum, may be all that's needed.

  • Dosing for Children:

    Establishing anti-cavity protection for small children takes less xylitol than for adults.

    Studies suggest that an amount in the neighborhood of 5 grams per day is optimal, although a certain amount of dosing variation exists, mostly due to child size.


    A point of caution -

    Gum, candy and the like may pose a choking risk for children age 4 and younger. So for them, the use of granular xylitol or syrup makes the prudent choice.

  • Developing a plan:

    The design of your regimen will influence the level of protection it's able to provide.

    1) Your needed daily amount of xylitol should be broken up into 4 or more small doses that are consumed throughout the day.

    2) Look for ways to make the oral exposure created by each dose last 5 minutes or longer.

    3) You'll need to continue with your daily regimen consistently for at least 6 months before optimal anti-cavity protection is established.

  • FYI facts:

    1) Consuming excessive amounts of xylitol serves no purpose. No additional tooth-decay protection is created.

    2) Occasional consumption, or consuming too little, will inhibit the development of protection.

    3) Xylitol side effects are usually just minor. In most cases, they're dose-size related.

    Tip: When starting out, try using just the lowest suggested daily amount initially, and then slowly increasing your dosage over time.


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