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Home Page: Consumer information about using xylitol products as a means to prevent tooth decay.
FYI facts about using xylitol to prevent tooth decay.
Slideshow - Using xylitol to prevent tooth decay.
The science:
How does xylitol prevent cavities?
The science of xylitol: How it negatively impacts the bacteria that cause tooth decay.
Xylitol vs. Sorbitol: Which is more effective in preventing tooth decay?
Advantages of using chewing gum as a way to create a xylitol exposure. How do cavities form?
Preventing cavities with xylitol: How much protection is possible?
Xylitol cavity prevention: The long-term residual effect.
Xylitol cavity prevention: How a mother's decay protection can be passed on to her child.
Suggested xylitol regimens for adults and children so to create optimal anti-cavity protection.
Slideshow - Xylitol dosing for cavity prevention.
Xylitol and adults: What regimen can provide an optimal level of tooth decay protection?
Xylitol and children: What dosing is needed to create optimal protection from tooth decay?
Side Effects:
Is Xylitol use safe? What side effects might be experienced?
Xylitol Sources
Slideshow - Types of xylitol sources.
Xylitol Chewing Gum
Other xylitol products.
Xylitol oral rinse.
Xylitol toothpaste.
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